Thursday, August 30, 2007

Legal Situation

Friends and Neighbors,

A number of you have indicated that you would be willing to support some sort of legal activity to stop this tax abuse we are being subjected too.

I have spoken with two attorneys. One in SLC who is still thinking about strategies how best to approach our unique situation. The other I just got off the phone with (Jack Helgesen-Layton Office 544-5306) has suggested we get together enough money to hire a para-legal or investigator to investigate what has transpired. He needs a legal basis to file an injunction.

The investigator would look into if and when "Truth in Taxation" meetings were held by the School District and the County Commissioners. How were any such meetings advertised and how were we notified if any? Where these meetings were held if any were in fact held? Were the State Tax Commission procedures and processes followed properly? Who actually did the assessments and how were they qualified and trained? How were the assessment results, submitted in May, quality controlled and checked and by whom? What is the Weber County Budget? Why the lopsided assessments? Why low on the East side and more than 100% on the West side for example.

These and more questions need answers. Jack suggests an investigator (unless there is someone among us who can get all this information ourselves) perhaps could gather all this information. His estimate of the cost is around $500 to collect the facts he would need in order to decide whether an injunction can be filed based upon something done illegally.

So there you have it. If I can have anyone willing to donate $100 or more to this effort please send a return email of intent. If I see there is enough I can collect come time to pay the bill I will give the go ahead to Jack to get started. Guess its put up time...


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