Sunday, September 9, 2007

9-9 News and Stuff (a)

Hola Friends and neighbors,

From today's Standard Examiner:

"The Assessor's Office has reviewed many of Bell's complaints but hasn't found anything to substantiate his claims, said Weber County Commissioner Jan Zogmaister. In addition no widespread errors have been found throughout the county, she said."

I just rechecked the first seven "claims" off the top of the list and any buffoon can see they are true. That is if they look in the first place. I vow to make Marie Antoinette eat those words for the "Let them eat cake." attitude.

Oh well, what did we expect her or them to say? "Oh yeah, we really screwed up with the assessments and most of Bell's concerns were validated?" This just gets better and better folks.

By the way I think we all owe Richard and Regen Sorensen a huge debt gratitude for setting up the Realtors and organizing the assistance last night. It was an excellent gesture of community spirit the likes of which we will all need in the immediate future in order to get the truth out over the propaganda and attempts to discredit our message and/or messengers. I was warned about this before hand by Ron Mortensen who has experience in the political arena. And Ron you were "spot on" as Jay Curtis says.

Now for a bedtime story...the classic Western story:

Nestled in the high plains was a fertile green Valley where settlers migrated and built their humble homes. Some were "sod busters" and others ranchers or sheep herders. They evolved over the years and formed a community based upon interdependence and cooperation between neighbors. The community gradually had merchants to open a bank, a livery stable, a saloon, cafe, hotel, sheriff's office/jail and a church. A small Town emerged.

The small Town had only its own human resources to draw upon. The mayor and councilman were only paid one dollar a year. They were good men and women but not very assertive or aggressive in the genteel way they handled Town affairs. The sheriff is somewhat of a wimp or some said an alcoholic and garnered little if any respect.

Enter the antagonist, an evil land barren who settled the Valley first and felt he and his ilk had dominion over the entire Valley. ELB (short for evil land barren) had the sheriff and therefore the law on his payroll and virtually ran the Town. His gang consisted mostly of his progeny and they strolled about Town disregarding the law which cowered to them looked the other way. He just took another drink and skulked away into his jail office. The Towns' folk feigned respect for ELB and his sons because if they didn't they would shoot up or burn down the Town.

ELB wanted to run everyone off their property. So his men burned barns, set fire to crops, scattered livestock and fenced off access to the main water supply. The "sod busters", immigrants, small ranchers and sheep herders were desperate because they would soon be displaced and have to sell off their farms or ranch for pennies on the dollar to ELB who also owned the bank. Neighbors started an Exodus and For Sale signs dotted the landscape.

ELB had the dastardly plan to get property cheap and turn a handsome profit when railroad magnet, Mr. Allboutmoney, showed up with his millions to buy up a right of way through the Valley. It was a very closely guarded secret between ELB and Earl.

Into this desperate situation a lone rider came along. He was humble and quiet and for only shelter and meals worked for the widow "Shirley". She was attractive and weathered with a couple of young kids at her side. Her loyal hired hand was a wise sage but broken down old cowboy in his late sixties who stayed in the bunk house. The two had been hanging on to the ranch (or farm), but the taxes, bank notes, again controlled by ELB, had the mayor and sheriff at her doorstep with an order to vacate the property.

Enter TLR (Tha Lone Rider). He confronted the mayor and sheriff sending them packing. And while riding the line he bested ELB's hired hands with only his wits and fists. ELB also controlled the local news so the altercation was portrayed in an obscene and perverse way. And just as it seemed TLR was turning the tide for "Shirley" and her cattle and horses, ELB mounts an assault on poor "Shirley's property". ELB had a warrant put out on TLR because he also "owned" the crooked Judge who served as the Town attorney. They raised "Shirley's" taxes beyond all ethical bounds. They burned her barn and killed her chickens, pigs, trampled her small vegetable garden and stampeded the horses and cattle. One of the children was hurt while trying to pump water to throw on the barn fire. Our sage old cowboy was mortally wounded when he was shot from his horse trying to save the herd.

TLR had been patient, humble and kept his nose to the grind stone for months, but he was now angry. No he was mad as hell. A war veteran, TLR had skills unknown to his adversaries. He dramatically strapped on his Colt 45s, hidden and wrapped away carefully in his saddle bag. The small children stood by (one with his arm in a sling) with saucer eyes as he silently rode into the sun toward ELB's grand hacienda. TLR used every skill he learned during the War and took down LEB's gang one at a time in a place and manner that suited him and his circumstance. All were gone now but ELB, alone and frightened he cringed in his fancy library as TLR confronted him. With shoulders squared and slightly bleeding from where he had been shot and stabbed in the back TLR said, "You have taxed "Shirley" and all the others in this Valley for the last time ELB."

But ELB had a trick up his sleeve. His best gunman sent to assist by none other than the Mr. Allboutmoney the railroad magnet (remember him?). Only Allboutmoney could afford this baddest and meanest hired gunslinger in the whole West. He was a professional and to be feared above all others.

As the confrontation developed between ELB and TLR it seemed certain another Colt 45 round to TLR's back would be fatal.

Just at the last moment the mayor and the here-to-for shy Townspeople arrived and it is all over in seconds. "Shirley" was saved. The Town was saved. The Valley was saved. "For sale" signs came down and the community was once again whole, prosperous, and happy.

Mr. Allboutmoney, the railroad magnet, had to change his Machiavellian plans and focus on another route around the Valley. ELB and his ilk were gone or scattered to the four winds. They were in office or control no more.


Minor Machman,zzzzzzzzzzzz

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