Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sample email/letter with contact information. "Just do it" and get used to it. Heat's on...

Jowers said, "When citizens get involved in a legislative campaign or an issue, they are always more powerful than a special interest." He added, "But that's true only if they are engaged. If not, then special interests are always there to fill the power vacuum."

Please engage friends and neighbors. Send emails and/or letters to all these legislators. You will be reminded and asked to do this every week to stay engaged.

(Cache, Salt Lake, Utah, Counties contact information will be in the next post)

(1) Weber, Summit, Morgan, Senator Allen Christensen
1233 E. 2250 N. North Ogden, UT 84414 email: achristensen@utahsenate.org

(2) Davis, Weber (Ogden/South Weber), Senator Jon J. Greiner 4232 Fern Drive, Ogden UT 84403 email: jgreiner@utahsenate.org

(3) Weber County Senator Scott Jenkins 4385 W. 1975 N., Plain City, UT 84404 email: sjenkins@utahsenate.org

(4) Weber County (Roy) Rep. D. Gregg Buxton 4162 S. 2340 W. Roy, UT 84067 email:

(5) Weber County (Washington Terrace) Rep. Brad L. Dee 111 W. 5600 S. Ogden, UT 84405 email: bdee@utah.gov

(6) Weber County (Ogden) Rep. Neil A. Hansen 1031 Capitol St. Ogden, UT 84401 email: neilhansen@utah.gov

(7) Weber County (North Ogden) Rep. Glenn A. Donnelson 874 E. 2100 N. N. Ogden, UT 84414 email: gdonnelson@utah.gov

(8) Weber County (Ogden) Rep. LaWanna Shurtliff 5085 Aztec Dr. Ogden, UT 84403 email: lshurtliff@utah.gov

(9) Davis County (Fruit Heights) Rep. Julie Fisher 865 S. Orchard Ct. Fruit Heights, UT 84037 email: jfisher@utah.gov

(10) Davis County (Layton) Rep. Kevin Garn 2206 E. Summerwood Dr. Layton, UT 84040 email: kgarn@utah.gov

(11) Central Davis County Senator Gregory Bell 744 Eagle Way, Fruit Heights, UT 84037 email: gbell@utahsenate.org

(12) Davis County (Bountiful, Centerville) Senator Dan R. Eastman 968 Canyon Crest Dr. Bountiful, UT 84010 email: deastman@utahsenate.org

(13) Davis County Senator Sheldon Killpack 3406 S. 875 W. Syracuse, UT 84075 email: skillpack@utahsenate.org

(14) Davis (Kaysville) Rep. Douglas C. Aagard 1055 W. 150 S. Kaysville, UT 84037 email: daagard@utah.gov

(15) Davis County Rep. Sheryl L. Allen 620 Larsen Dr. Bountiful, UT 84010 email: sherylallen@utah.gov

(16) Davis County Rep. Roger E. Barrus 322 E. 500 N. Centerville, UT 844014 email: rogerbarrus@utah.gov

(17) Davis/Salt Lake County (Bountiful, North Salt Lake) Rep. Paul A Neuenschwander 4216 S. Foothill circle, Bountiful, UT 84010 Email: pauln@utah.gov

(18) Davis County Rep. Curtis Oda P.O. Box 824 Clearfield, UT 84089 email: coda@utah.gov

(19) Davis County (Clinton, Sunset, West Point, Syracuse) Rep. Paul Ray PO Box 977 Clearfield, UT 84089 email: pray@utah.gov

Sample only. Copy and paste this one or compose your own, but the main thing is to “Just do it!” And we all need to do this on a weekly basis over the next three months. If there are several members within the household send an email or letter from each member old enough to vote. The idea is to flood our legislators, and our Governor, with emails and letters from everyone (reference the last post). “Put the heat on” in other words. I will try for all I am worth to make it easy for you to do, but this is something you have to do…for yourselves and for the future. I will continue to write samples or examples for you to consider as suggestions only. I am NOT trying to tell any of you what to say or how to ask legislators to vote. Just trying to be helpful.

Subject: Tax Relief, Property Tax Reform, Transparency, VA Hospital, School tax to Sales Taxes.

Senator or Representative __________,

(D-Bell Note: Please do not take offense by thinking I expect you to agree with what I have said in any of the examples I offer. Please speak your own mind, exercise your own “free agency” and ask for what you feel is right and fair.)

First, thank you for your public service. As you know, property taxes have increased almost exponentially since some of your colleagues have discovered Utah ranks 34th in the Nation. Yet we are the sixth highest taxed citizens in the Nation when total taxation is considered. I therefore would like you to vote for tax relief in the form of a meaningful (1) tax cuts in the short term (actual dollar tax decreases) and (2) significant property tax reform (acquisition value reassessments with inflation caps).

I feel many taxing entities are out of control and request your vote to harness spending and increase accountability by supporting the (3) “Transparency Bill”.

Your support and vote for a (4)Veterans Hospital in Weber County using State matching or substitute funding until Federal funds arrive is also important to me and my family.

And as your constituent I request your vote for a (5) bill which lowers my property taxes by moving school district funding into sales taxes. I support education funding, especially teacher salary increases and want school funding to be protected and held harmless. I support and would appreciate your vote for a bill which will guarantee school district funding using sales taxes, with a backup using property taxes should a short fall occur.

Finally, (6) I do not support HB54 which will only add expense and protuberate an already unfair, complex and chaotic ”Truth in Taxation” process.


D.W. Bell
285 S. 7200 E.
Huntsville, UT 84317

Don't like this one (above) write your own. Tell them about your personal property tax situation and how you feel about it. Let all our legislators and the governor know what is bothering you and what you would like them to focus on and fix this session. It is the way our government is supposed to function. With our legislators working for us and not some lobby group or "special interests".




Note from one of our Senators said...

Mr. Bell, Thanks for the input. I'm already in agreement with several of your points and am working on forming a stance on the others. I also appreciate you stating your reasons for your support or opposition. This all helps me with my tasks of deciding how to vote. Sen.

Minor Machman said...

And thank you Senator for leading the way forward. Hopefully others will respond positively to citizens who want to be represented fairly and honestly. We will be watching how our legislators actually vote this session on the many issues important to all of us.

nomotax said...

Thanks Mr. Bell. You are making it easy for us, so I hope others will get off their --- and send the letters.

Bonnie Lee said...

Thanks for the list of legislators that are needin to be eliminated. Pecker heads every one of em.