Sunday, March 9, 2008

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abraham Lincoln

Greetings friends and neighbors,

Many of you read this blog not because you agree with everything I have to say, but because you trust me to say it plainly and clearly without regard to any predispostions, or superficial politically correct nonsense.

This however, is my final blog entry. At my age I must take charge of my own health, happiness and that of my family. I hope you will understand.

I have recently spent six months trying to help all my neighbors in the district and community with their tax appeals and questions. And I finally have realized only legislative action will correct the injustices being suffered by so many due to onerous property taxation. My town is rapidly becoming a caretaker community without young people. Non resident part time vacation home owners are dominating once vibrant and thriving neighborhoods.

The more learned about state politics it is obvious the legislature has been taken over by real estate and developer interests. And fully half of the legislature is corrupted by real estate money. They must be taken on or the little people will continue to be ground into the dust while this nefarious influence continues to line its pockets at the little people's expense.

The local representative is so ignorant of what constitutes a conflict of interest he can not properly fill out a State COI Declaration. His two years in office have produced multiple Realtor Association sponsored (and perhaps authored) legislation, subdivision approval law which enables developers to bypass local planning commissions, and for two years he has sponsored a draconian deferral of property tax bill, also favored by his parent organization - the Realtor Association. A bill so disgusting I can not even repeat it here. (HB 357, 364, 463, 296, 78, 290) And he sat by as HB 466 "The Developer's Dream" Bill was passed without so much as a question. And after more than a year he waited until this 2008 session was almost finished before obvious "grandstanding and theater" lip service ineffectively for both this issue, as well as property tax reform.

Few if any seats in Weber County have four candidates, which should tell the GOP just how weak and dismal District 8 seat has performed. And if they were smart they would elect delegates to nominate another candidate instead of the incumbent. But no one is holding their breath, as the caucuses have been flooded with his relatives.

My family and I , do to a recent town council decision, have elected to make other plans for the future. Life is just too short to do otherwise.

Friends and neighbors scattered across this State have offered support as "soldiers" in the campaign. Many have begun to send unsolicited very generous donations and offers for full financial support. All I can say is a heartfelt thank you. Your donations will be returned and let's keep in touch. I wish you all the very best in the future.

Perhaps it is right that my little town become a ghost town of caretakers, except for wealthy non resident homeowners, to the delight of the Realtor Association and developer community. The Huntsville Town Council wills it so.

Minor Machman


amazed said...

Are you withdrawing from the race 5 days after you got in? Isn't that like walking away from the jet in the heat of battle? We were ready for a welcome change.

Minor Machman said...

Amazed, yes.

After the Town Council vote Thursday, 6 March, against us - it became painfully clear we are not now (after 18 yrs.), nor will we ever be (after 30 yrs.), accepted by our own community (Huntsville). How could we represent such people? How could anyone decide to sacrifice even more time, health, and resources to represent neighbors who do not lift a single finger of support? (One exception; the ex Mayor Doug Wilson and his wife Erma.)

Dr. Bob suggested a campaign mantra, "Had enough?". And after the shallow thinkers led by the darkside of Huntsville Town had their say Thurs. night, we have indeed "Had enough." We will be making serious plans and preparations to leave this State in search of a more "normal" lifestyle.

It is ironic that the Town council actually voted to FORCE US to subdivide and sell out, causing much more property appreciation and thus property tax increases within town. (Right here Realtor's need to know how much I dispise the Realtor Association and what it is doing to people, all to protect their 6% commissions. So no Real Estate agents need apply.) When the Town Council option was to allow us to clear our deed on a 99' X 207' contested strip of our own driveway, on which our garage and barn has sat for 80 years. And thus, allow us to live in peace and harmony with the community until we die and have our ashes spread on our place. And in addition, to have our kids and grand kids live, contribute and grow up in Huntsville.

Life is just too short to be surrounded by hate, greed, discrimination, envy, and miserable people for whatever the reasons.

There is life after Utah and our family has decided to pursue it.

We have "Had Enough!". Utah deserves the representation they support and elect. Whether it is a "welcome change" or not will have to be a decision made by Utahns.

More of the same ethically challenged local ilk, looking to get in on the money of loosest campaign finance laws in the entire Country, is not the answer or "a welcome change". Your future is in your hands. Mine will work to rebuild our lives in a more traditional and normal community outside Utah and its peccadillos.

Anonymous said...

“Being offended is a natural consequence of leaving the house”

Fran Lebowitz

Epictetus said...

“When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.”
Epictetus (AD 55-c.135)

Minor Machman said...

"Spin it any way you like. I have no anger. Just disappointment."

machman (AD 2008)

Lance said...

D Bell,
In my book you and your lovely wife are a life time resident of Huntsville. What makes a person part of a community is someone who cares and shows it by fighting for what is right. Gage Froerer could never be a true resident of any community because he lacks all of the traits you and your family have demonstrated to me. I hate to see you go because it is people like you I call my friend because you know what is right and what needs to be done so your ideals and rights are not compromised in any way. If you change your mind or ever need a friend I am here. Where ever you go and where ever you make your home that community has gained a jewel that we lost.


Anonymous said...

First of all, D Bell did not do most of the property tax work in the Huntsville area, one of our town council members was the real workhorse for the residents while Bell held court with his cronies. The problem with Bell is, it's his way or the highway!

The old saying is "keep your mouth shut and let people assume you are a fool, rather than open it and remove all doubt"

Truth Teller said...

Anonymous, If you believe that I've got some land in Florida for sale.

D-Bell gave credit where it was due at every opportunity. Richard Sorensen IS and was the original Wingman. Councilman Sorensen will certainly attest to that fact and so will anyone that knows the truth, which excludes you (anonymous) obviously.

So go peddle your misinformation someplace else. As Mark Twain said, "Let us be thankful for the fools. But for them the rest of us could not succeed." And you sir are apparently the subject matter of this epitome.

ozboy said...


I am not familiar with your Huntsville problem and how the council there dealt with it. How did they force you to subdivide your property? Perhaps you could give us the full story?

Richard S said...

I can certainly attest to the hundreds(more like thousands) of unsolicited hours of service D-Bell has done for residents. Countless hours of research, personally driving overtaxed residents and neighbors to the county assessors office, testifying before legislative committees, and so much more.

Others such as Lance Wakefield certainly helped out extensively with thorough research.

My tax role was largely from the sidelines and in a support role, aside from arranging for a Property tax assessment night in which many local realtors (including Gage Froerer and several from his office) generously came together to help local residents complete a market analysis to be used for their tax appeal.

D-Bell and I disagree with certain aspects of his property vacation request from the town of Huntsville and a possible compromise that was suggested by another council member, but no one can say he has not single handedly worked his butt off with regard to his property tax revolt. The entire state of Utah owes him a huge debt of gratitude and much of his service has gone unnoticed.

Sadly, with the current make up of the legislature, it does not appear anything significant will change in the near (or far) term as far as taxes are concerned.

Thanks for your efforts D-Bell.

Richard Sorensen
Huntsville Town Council

Minor Machman said...

Richard understates his importance. It was Richard who called and said "D-Bell if you will write it, I will do all the leg work on a petition(s)." It was Richard who constantly supported me with encouragement and who took the initiative to order (at his own expense) 2,000 For Sale signs. And then got the stakes and put most of the signs together and distributed them.

It was Richard who for months served as my friend and confidant and with whom I exchanged probably 1,000 emails. We worked together late into many nights, on-line mostly, while he was on one of his trips. And it was collaboration, coordination, and cross checking squat to piss, "anonymous", who made totally unfounded accusations about "My way or the highway.", you are a cowardly "tucks pad" without a clue about the truth.

And it was also Richard who came to my rescue, along with "Val E." of the Ogden Valley Forum. I spent about what seemed a month or more working until past two in the mornings to compose and send out information to about 300 people mostly within the Valley, who had asked to remain informed. My ISP only allowed me to send distributions of about 75 at a time, due to spam guards. But Richard was always there enthusiastically supportive and this time with this blogspot gismo which he installed and taught me to use, so I could get about four hours sleep a night for a change.

Richard called me and I called him and we participated together in news interviews and we were alone for media day without any support from the Huntsville Town Council, ever. It was Richard who convinced three out of five to sign a resolution of support but it was revised within two weeks such that it became another disgrace for the Town.

In closing, Richard and I have always worked together and where we have disagreement, it is with an understanding of mutual respect. And on that basis we remain friends whether we agree or not on every point of contention. Works pretty damn well, anonymous. When and if you ever grow up maybe you ought to try it.


PS Anonymous, I invite you to stop by for a good old fashioned private dispute resolution at any time.

JR said...

Dear Neighbors D and K Bell:
I'm slow at getting around to thanking you for your kind remarks about a man whom we loved so dear. It means a lot to us coming from you.

We were also very pleased to see you at our Church social (dinner) a couple of weeks back. We truly hope you had a pleasant time. Maybe we will have to do it again.

By the way, congratulations on your running against gage froerer for a seat on state government. You have my vote! I have a fairly good number of friends up here (at least I think I do) and I am going to be influencing them as best I can. You are the right man for this job.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for all you have done to help all of us with the tax issue. We are on our third property tax appeal now. They did reduce our taxes by $1000, but that is not good enough for me. Your crazy style of resistance has emboldened me and I don't feel like I'm facing the lion alone. Way ta go. JR

Vote for Bill Hansen State Senate #19 said...
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james said...


Could you appeal your case to another government entity who handles appeals?

Could you get the issue reversed through litigation? It may be expensive, but possible worth it.

It seems that if you were dealt with unfairly or wrongly, then there should be some options.

Good luck.

D-Bell said...


Thanks for your concern. The Huntsville Board of Adjustments at present does not exist. And even if constituted such a Board only could decide whether or not the ordinances were followed. I see no town ordinance violation in this case, only a personally vindictive and discriminatory violation of logic and common sense.

Other legal options would likely yield the desired result and have been seriously considered. However; no court action nor legal decision could produce any result which would ever change how we were treated by our own neighbors, town council members and a couple of "back-sliders" such as the Shooting Star owner who betrayed us in our hour of need.

We are devastated after all we have done and tried to do for our community. The only decent and right thing to do is to let those who made such a wrong and bad decision reap the fruits of that decision for decades to come.

We do not want to have this "darkside" and evil element within Huntsville, turn us into bitter and cynical, miserable old people as has become apparent with some in Town.

Life is just too short and should be filled with neighborly love and true friendships. So, as a family, we have decided to make other plans.

But I do thank you "James" for your personal concern. People will be moving out on a routine basis, but no one living in Huntsville will profit from it.

Rogina Brown said...

"D" I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you're doing for Huntsville and the Valley. I agree we need to keep the Valley "country".

I appreciate all you are doing. Keep up the good work!

dinu said...

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