Wednesday, December 26, 2007

HB 54, Annual Market Value Assessments, Machman's opinion.

Sent: Friday, December 21, 2007 12:05:18 PM

Subject: HB 54 Annual Market Value Assessments

Representative Harper and Senator Neiderhauser,

Ratings of Property Tax Proposals
1. Annual Market Value Assessments, (Rep. Harper, Sen. Neiderhauser), amends TNT requiring a mandatory cyclical (yearly) appraisal using mass uniform computer assisted system to value real property. Counties of the first class by Jan. '09, second class by Jan. '10, and third class Jan '11. It is to be jointly administered by the State Tax Commission and Counties. Rating: Worst, because it does what Weber Co. and some other counties have already been doing to us by "mass reassessments", using computer software. The original proposal presented had initial software purchase cost of about $2 Million, plus another $10,000,000 a year to keep it updated or as a user fee. This proposal to use expensive software will just compound the many previous errors already in the tax assessor's database causing a nightmare for the entire State. And at great additional costs on top of the hundreds of millions we already are pouring into County Assessor's offices (29 of them) plus the State Tax Commission. It compounds the disease of current/fair market value by magnifying disparate taxation using contentious software as yet another layer to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) software already contentious and fraught with errors. Had either of you bothered to actually look at the results of computer assisted or mass reassessments you would have not sponsored this proposition. No one in their right mind would...

Very disappointed with your sponsorship of this non solution which will wreck havoc on the citizens of major population centers in Utah.


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Gadfly said...

Thanks Machman, for having the fortitude to tell it like it is. These guys are getting an earful, but it seems you are the only one doing the telling (the truth). I have an idea.

Why don't all of us either copy/paste Machman's words or paraphrase what he is telling our legislators, and sending them either a letter or an email of our own. Assuming you agree of course. Assuming you don't want to see yet another round of what Weber County did to us over the past three years or more.

Just an idea...that although D-Bell is doing a magnificant job of representing us, we have maybe become complacent and a little apathetic leaving it all on his shoulders. The man can NOT carry all our property tax burdens alone. Let's pitch in NOW before the regular session begins mid- January and let all the Legislators have a piece of our colletive minds. However you feel about property taxation.