Thursday, December 13, 2007

Report on Weber Fire District Budget and Truth in Taxation Hearing for Tax Increase

Even with very short notice (we, many of us, did not receive word until four hours prior to the meeting) ten (10) Valley residents showed up to protest the tax increase. Some long winded real estate guy on the Fire District Board talked about thirty minutes trying to explain all about what happened in our Valley, but he got only some of it right.

We were perplexed that the public hearing session was being taken over by a couple of members of the Board. The Board seemed a little flummoxed also.

Finally, Mr. Lyle Allen of Huntsville rose and spoke. He explained how his property taxes had gone up 100%. That sometimes this constant increase in tax rates just has to stop. Sometimes government just has to “back off”. Mr. Allen also said these little increases are ending up with people having very large tax bills.

The 2008 Budget was presented by Chief Austin, who explained that the 16.5% increase was the result of how the State required them to report the increase. But that really only 8.8% was the true increase being requested after new growth was considered.

Sandra Tuck from Liberty rose and said in no uncertain terms that she...... click here for more


Anonymous said...

Thanks for attending and speaking for the residents. Enough is enough!

ax the taxes said...

Please stand if your income is going to increase 16.5%; or even 8.8%? You made our point for us with a jack hammer Mach man. They are already the recipients of grossly over valued properties within the County even when considering the nominal 20% increases in the Western part of Weber County. No where does the Fire District Board make it clear (as they should) just how much extra money will be based upon the 2007 tax rate and the windfall from our property taxes this year. Also where is their information on-line? Why if there are three Board members from here in the Valley, did we only get about four hours notice? Maybe some better thinkers should represent us in Ogden Valley?