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Eden Residents given the bum's rush by local Representative.

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Sometimes today's news is best reported by others. Such is the case again as "Rudi" of the Weber County Forum has uncorked the facts far better than I can. And it does help to know I am not alone in my preceptions. Such is the case with the Powerville fiasco and the way our Eden residents were treated. To give WCF the maximum coverage it deserves Rudi's piece is echoed here. Listen to the audio for yourselves and make up your own mind. And I suggest you also read the comments including the one from "Crumudgeon" a retired WSU history professor and Phd who is passionate about citizen's inalienable rights. You know, "the we hold these truths to be self evident. That all men are ...." part. If a developer can get by doing what has happened in Powderville, where are the people's rights?

Again I say, this situation just can not be legal no matter what "screwed up legislation" was nefariously passed by our representatives. This simply can not be allowed to stand. Something about the 14th Amendment and the "Equal Protections" Clause our "representatives" do not apparently seem to understand. For if they did they would have never voted 66 to 0 to pass HB 466, nor would our representative stand idly by as his constituents are being robbed of their "equal protections" by his buddies in the Realtor/Developer "mafia".

These people must go...back to high school and civics class, or basic government classes...but they must not be allowed to continue as our representatives unless you want more of this type of shameful, ignorant and abusive representation.

Folks, it is all up to you and me to change the face of our legislature this Fall or sooner. Vote against incumbents and let's get a fresh new unconflicted crowd into office.



"Better late than never, we hope"

We're quite delighted that the Salt Lake Tribune's Kristen Moulton has finally stepped up within the last few days, to report on the Powderville Town Incorporation land-grab. She's an outstanding Utah reporter, and hopefully, her intelligent reporting doesn't come too late. The people of Utah need to be informed about our Utah corporo-fascist problem. If anyone can do that, it's Ms. Moulton.From today's article Kristen reports about the effects of Tuesday's House Committee hearing, during which Committee Vice Chair Gage Froerer (who chaired the meeting) essentially told a pack of citizens from Ogden Valley: "just shut up."We incorporate here the key paragraphs from Kristen's article."

A House committee Thursday endorsed a makeover of the law that guides town incorporations.But lawmakers turned a deaf ear to Ogden Valley residents who want the new law to block Powder Mountain's incorporation.The bill, HB164, proposed by Rep. Melvin Brown, R-Coalville, would replace HB466, passed with little discussion at the end of the 2007 legislation, a measure one representative - Kerry Gibson, R-Ogden - acknowledged Thursday was a "major screw-up."Please listen to the recorded hearing transcript now, gentle readers. If you take the time to hear it, you'll find that this House Committee didn't even address the "disenfrangisement issue." Perhaps Rep. Froerer didn't realize that the lumpencitizens would be listening in when he treated them so rudely. These people on the committee listened quitely while the Ogden Valley citizen-activists, who'd gotten up early in the morning and travelled to the capitol to address what they assumed to be an open-minded standing committee, (and who would hear and consider their concerns) -- got shut down by "Acting Chair " Gage Froerer -- who awarded their citizen activism, by limiting the last two of them to "one minute."If you have an ounce of political passion, gentle readers, listen to the audio transcript here.

After that, you can become "ticked off," along with your blogmaster. "

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