Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Realtor/Developer Fix is in. Powderville survives inspite of Valley-wide opposition.

Hello friends and neighbors,

In case you actually had to work today and missed what went down at the State Capitol, here is a summary. I listened as Ogden Valley residents were rushed into 60 second comments, an indication of a lack of respect for affected citizen opinion. It was the worst Committee meeting I have ever witnessed, bar none. I can only hope people will remember come November. These corrupted legislators need to be someplace besides in our legislature. And the corrupting money from the special interests they represent, instead of us, needs to be haulted. Help me help us in the caucuses and November. At this stage a vote against just about every incumbent would help to clean "our house" of the vermin who have moved in on our rights as citizens.

With sadness for our State,

Minor Machman

From Rudi's Weber County Forum:

A Treasure Trove of Weber County Forum Articles & Documents
Thursday, February 21, 2008

"We link here the roster of the House Political Subdivisions Committee members who wouldn't lift even a finger to fix the "unintended results" of last year's HB466, which one local legislator admitted to have been a "major screw-up." All of these same folks will be coming around in November to ask for our readers' votes. We urge everyone to print out this list, and file it for future reference. Chalk this up as the most shameful day yet, in what's turning out to be the most shameful legislative session in recent memory.

House Political Subdivisions Committee - 2008
Rep. Fred R. Hunsaker, Chair Logan/North Rich Cache, Rich Counties
Rep. Gage Froerer, Vice Chair Weber County (Ogden) Valley
Rep. Sheryl L. Allen Davis County
Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck ?? Recent appointee??
Rep. James A. Dunnigan Salt Lake County (Taylorsville)
Rep. Kerry W. Gibson Western Weber County
Rep. Richard A. Greenwood ?? Recent appointee??
Rep. Jennifer M. Seelig Salt Lake County
Rep. LaWanna Lou Shurtliff Weber County (Ogden)
Rep. Stephen H. Urquhart Washington County (St. George)
Rep. R. Curt Webb ?? Recent Appointee??

And from Tuesday's post on the protest:

"We have saved the most incredulously stupid comments for the end, and they were published in Marshal Thompson's Standard Examiner coverage of the Protest. Sadly, by a future Powderville resident and realtor in Gage Froerer's office named Erin Stokes.

We will give her the benefit of the doubt as she has obviously been drinking the Powder Mountain kool aid and could use a serious dose of reality. Her comments provide for a laughable and astonishing read:
"Erin Stokes, a real estate agent in Eden, said she can’t understand why some of her neighbors are against the in- corporation plan. After looking at both sides, she said, she feels a new town is clearly the best choice. “I listened to all the things my neighbors had to say. I talked to the marketing people for the developers, and they were very helpful,” she said.“I’m just really excited about it. I don’t see any negatives to it at all, and I’ve studied it a lot.”

She must be using a different text book for those studies than the rest of us.

And of course marketing people are helpful - they are trying to sale you something that you do not need!


frank said...

If Representative Froerer was not willing to put it all on the line today for the residents of the Valley then he should be replaced. This is the ultimate do or die situation for any representative and it seems to me that Froerer did nothing but offer up a little lip service. He should have thrown down the gauntlet on this one, and he didn't. Shame on him, he does not deserve another minute in office.

googlegirl said...

Here's the skinny on Richard Greenwood:

Richard A. Greenwood (R-Roy)

And yes, he's an unelected appointee. He's filling Greg Buxton's elected spot... until the next election.

Minor Machman said...

Thanks Google Girl!

So he is from Dist. 12 which is Weber County. That should have been a group of what turns out to be six now. And they all should have been locked into the problem and joined at hip on this issue. Had they any leadership they would have been and the vote would have passed. I am even more disgusted with a near total lack of competance.

Now I learn our Representative is the one who sold the ten acres to the Weber County School District thus enabling our Century old Valley Elementary School to be moved to Eden.

He puts his on business interests ahead of his constituents and this is just another example. And I totally agree with "Frank" by the way. Either of us certainly would have done far more to make (retroactive to 1 Jan 08) happen. We would have fallen on our sword before backing down to the Realtor/Developer special interests. Because we would not be indebted to them in the first place. And that's a fact! And that is the problem. This is truly the most shameful legislative session in recent memory and it is becoming more and more clear why. Corruption and graft mixed with relentless conflicts of interests and no Ethical Standards nor reforms in sight. Absolutely shameful!