Sunday, October 14, 2007

Machman lays it all out for Senator Niederhauser

"Have you laid out your proposal on paper? Was it in the papers you already gave us? If not, it would be very helpful to have." Senator Niederhauser

"Senator Wayne",

Yes I have. Al beit, what must be considered an overview, given only a couple of minutes with which to speak (re 19 Sept). Co Chair Rep. John Dougall asked for and was given a copy of my overview speech.

These comments are directed not at you personally Senator, as I honor your openness and willingness to listen. They are intended for all legislators. And describe some thoughts and/or positions to consider. Again, I am available to sit and discuss them and more with anyone "so long as I am not trying to teach a pig to sing..." I encourage everyone to comment where they disagree or have better ideas. I will post this on the state wide blog with that in mind. "Democratic principles" demand it of us all.

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Minor Machman said...

In reading "Especially, those like Weber County who did not ethically do so with their constituents IAW TNT law, or the intent of TNT law. Only after approval of appropriately justified budgets...release some of the budget short falls, resulting from the above, from State reserves (you have hundreds of millions held in reserve and we all know it)."

I would strongly suggest forcing an audit of the Weber County Assessor's office if item 6 is accurate in the referenced article is correct. Weber County Commissioners were elected to represent us and as we all know - that's not happening!

I/We appreciate the personal effort you are doing !

I fully support each and every item layed out for Senator Niederhauser ...

Minor Machman said...

I posted the above from an email I just received from Bill G. I did ask Representative Froerer to request the State Tax Commission to do an audit back in mid August. But independent wources report no such audit has been down or is "in the cue" to be done. Go figure? I have followed up at least thre or four times but all I get is tables, charts, and general website information. May you could ask our never seen or heard from Senator to request the audit. It should prove interesting if actually done.

Tom said...

In the 101st we called it
"kick ass and take names"

I will be interested in the response of the Senator and his fellows in the legislature.

I'm all for your crusade, maybe you will be the ones to finally provide the nucleus needed to mount a statewide campaign.

Keep the heat on, organize, organize, organize and long live our Utah fellow Howard Jarvis!

Minor Machman said...

101st huh... I too was an airborne Vietnam Vet. and our Wing Commander was named Jarvis. He died an untimely death tho later in El Paso when he was run over by a Coors Beer delivery truck.

I might have to ask you to join in a march on the Governor's mansion to make our point with a "jack hammer". We'll see what turns up this next session and if they are really listening to the people. Most Utahn's open their three digit tax notices this week. Inflation at 3% property taxes at 11.6% statewide...outrageous!

Bert H. said...

Thanks for the info.
I have some questions. How much of your tax money (paid in your valley) is returned to the valley ? Are you supporting a large tax sump in the Ogden area that is of no benefit to you ? Would it be possible to leave Weber County and join Morgan County that has more in common with your valley? There is a safer road to Morgan than to Ogden.

Minor Machman said...

A Mrs. Roberts called. Said they own land on the border. The Morgan Co. land assessed at $500 an acre and the same pasture land assessed for $5,000 an acre on the Weber Co. side.
Anyone know how to remove our Valley from Weber Co. to Morgan Co.? I'm game since we are in fact being doubly taxed in Huntsville Town and soaked to the gills in the unincorporated areas of Weber County. Always have been and likely will continue unless we revolt against those who are responsible.

Gale said...

1. I do not believe property improvements should lead to increased taxes. A property owner should not be punished for improving his property, unless there is a change in services required.
2. I believe there is a very large taxing opportunity which escapes taxation in the current system. That is in the area of capital gain through property sales. Notably, this is the avenue which is causing the inflationary run of property taxes today. If taxes were levied for property sales, rather than inflated value based upon property sales, such a tax would be far more fair. In other words, taxes should be levied against income producing actions rather than non-income producing static stituations. I believe that a fair tax levied against property sales could be applied to help solve the current education funding problem. It is certainly unfair that the method currently in vogue lets property developers off Scott free and non-income producing residential owners are left holding the tax bag.
3. I also believe that there may be good reasons for a local increase in taxes, such as for installing a below ground electrical power system. However, no such increase in taxes should be implemented without a vote of a mojority of the majority of voters in the area affected. Thanks for your diligence.

Minor Machman said...

Very interesting comments! Why are improvements which require no new services the cause of increased taxation? And "Capital Gains" from the sale of property one of the cuases for our problems. Never thought of it that way. wonder how that could be worked into the "solution".

Did you know that many property owners are paying less than 15 cents an acre on their purely investment properties claimed as FAA land? Assessor incompetence is simply astounding and we are all having to pay for what these people (some of our neighbors unfortunately) are getting by with. We are paying their fare shares with our property taxes.