Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tracking down the Tax Monsters...

“The Weber County Budget: County sees surplus of $37.6 million in 2008”
by Marshall Thompson
Standard-Examiner staff

The County finances are so robust that it could potentially cause some problems. State law requires that a county’s general fund must not exceed 20% of revenue at any time. Dan Olsen, the county comptroller said that in 2006 the general fund was at 16.4% ($37.4 million in surplus) of the revenue, and in 2007 it is estimated at 19% ($43.5 million in surplus). The tentative budget projects 19% ($37.6 million in surplus) again in 2008. In property taxes that is; $18.2 million in ’06, $19.2 million* in ’07, and $19.9 million* in ’08 (* estimated)".

Dan goes on to report, “If property values climb beyond the County’s expectation, money will need to be switched from the general fund to another account, such as capital projects. If we ever got to that point, we’d put the money into capital improvements and roads. Or we may purchase some equipment that we’ve been holding off on.” Olsen said, “There’s never an end to the list of projects.” (Machman’s insert: we can find to spend all your property taxes on...)

It’s their (your) money,” Olsen said. “If they (you) don’t like the way it’s being spent, they (you) need to show up and let us know.”

I like ole Dan. He says it like it is. And he is spot on. You can get a copy of the tentative budget (for 2008) from the Weber County Website, we can and should show up on 6 December at the Weber County Chambers for a public hearing, where we can express our opinions and ask questions.

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Roxinante said...

These two posts seem related. Inflated property values from MLS and realtor software based on bogus inputs to both equal windfall surpluses for school districts, Weber Basin Water projects, Assessors fees, Mosquito Abatement, 911, EM, Health Svcs., Fire Districts, and Weber County. Ogden Valley and Huntsville property taxes go toward paying the lease on the Weber County Building and the salaries of all those bureaucrats inside it. So one hand washes the other...everybody wins with this fraudulent part of the scheme. No wonder nothing is being done about it.

Everybody except us in the Ogden Valley, who are being scammed by our own elected officials and those they hire on their staffs are making money. Task Force come North and look at what is going on.