Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thoughts/notes from Wingmen meeting yesterday at the Capital

We screened the long list of potential legislation. Most was as expected; "Band Aids for symptoms" and special interest group BS. Nothing presented offered any relief at all for the immediate future this year as was tasked by Senate President John L. Valentine, from the 19 Sept. meeting. I was both amazed and grossed out by that. The previous bluster and outrage had apparently been forgotten. And those with presentations just tried to alibi or justify their status quo processes and procedures - policies and practices. Some just plodded along offering what they were thinking for the next legislative session without any correction to our present situations. Co Chairman John Dougall did what he could to keep presenters focused on the current issue, but they failed miserably to offer any immediate property tax relief or solutions.

We (our coalition) decided to make a list of legislation we considered Dead on Arrival (DOA).

And I must say of all legislators/presenters only three stood out for offering reasonable "systemic" corrections to the taxation scheme "disease" yet none offered immediate solutions or fixes to "sticker shock or price tags".

Our Representative Gage Froerer was one: Click here to read Gage's proposals.....

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