Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tax System is "TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY broken" - by Wingman Richard Sorensen

UPDATE: The Wingmen will be hosting a media day Saturday, October 13th at the Huntsville Park.

A letter to the Ogden Valley news from Richard Sorensen - Huntsville

During the August 15 tax revolt meeting (a.k.a. “Ogden Valley Tea Party”) at Snowcrest, we witnessed an angry and incensed crowd. A crowd that was willing to do whatever it took to get their taxes fixed. Two short months have passed and it appears that apathy may be setting in.

Hopefully we bombarded the assessor’s office with appeals, as that seems to be the only short term, albeit temporary, fix. What started as a Huntsville issue, quickly spread through the Valley and has grown wings statewide. The counties claim they are following state law, and the lawmakers say that if counties don’t resolve the problem, then they will take care of it. An endless circle that will not break if we don’t take action - or force action.

Having recently sat through two special meetings of the legislature on the subject, a recurring theme has been mentioned while seeking solutions: “The system is not broken.”

To the contrary, The system is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY broken! Click here for more...


Anonymous said...

90% of the United States has recognized that the National and State Real Estate Association driven "current market value" taxation system was broken. Of the remaining five States, four of them are considering a change, leaving only Utah as a non disclosure, secretive...screw your neighbor, ethically challenged State. Anyone proud of that, besides the URA still clinging to their holy grail of 6% sales commissions? Who are we? A moral and ethical society/culture or apathetic sheep being led to the slaughter by nefarious intention and unethical lobbyists?

Caribou said...

What time does the media event begin on October 13? Would you like supporters to attend?

Minor Machman said...

It begins at 1100 AM and goes until the last reporter or news caster has all their questions answered. If bad weather trying to setup the library as backup. I just returned from Costco where I bought $100 worth of light lunch type food for the media. Can't afford to feed the Town or all the supporters, as I have to come up with my own taxes. But of course supporters are welcome. The media will be looking for personal horror stories about individual situations in Huntsville and/or the Valley (personal trees) and that is fine. I want to go deeper of course and talk about the symptom and the disease, as well as the cure for Utah ("forrest") to begin getting the paradigm shift to "acquistion value" taxation some exposure. We have a local Representative and Senator (anyone seen him? who is this guy?) apparently who do not yet get the point that they will be expected to actually change the State Constitution in order to fix the broken and sick scheme we are suffering under today. Without significant financial resources, these news events are the only way to try to get our messages out. The individual horror stories are frankly beginning to obscure the real message, "We want comprehensive tax reform...not Band Aids on symptoms for major surgery or immunization against the disease." And all the stupid legislators are talking about is a myriad of proposals to pander to seniors and stick fingers in the dike hoping to survive public outrage election year. If you can help get that message out come on over! We need all the help we can get!!! Please come over. We are alone in our fight locally with no Mayor or Town Council or Bishop or .... Just me and Richard and we do not understand why.