Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nothing proposed will change the way we are assessed.

Hello friends and neighbors,

So far nothing proposed will change how we are reassessed. Is there any interest in forming Home Owner Associations to group together to protect us from further property tax abuse? Let me know.

We will again see another mass computerized assessment based upon bogus MLS inputs without mature professional adult supervision quality controlling the output (our property assessments).

We must not accept this near total lack of legislative response to our demands for comprehensive tax reform.

As I suspected we are getting some lip service without any real actions ever being proposed at this point. The disease is the “reassessments” and absolutely nothing has been proposed to change the modus operandi (the laws).

So keep your lawn signs in the garage because we will very likely be needing to use them in a major uprising. It is looking more like we will need to march on the Governor’s mansion and the Capital chambers in protest and revolt during the next session. They still have not gotten the message clearly enough.

"Truth in Taxation Amendments" A tiny bit of encouraging news is that at least this proposed legislation tries to require our (electorate) involvement when taxing entities try to raise the tax rate beyond the inflation rate. But the tax rate is not the real culprit. And in fact this proposal actually encourages taxing entities to annually increase our tax rates with no mention of decreasing them during recessions or economic downturns. Only increases upon increases…we seem doomed. However; as we all know Counties have figured out how to actually lower tax rates buy a small percentage and yet gain windfall and overwhelming surplus revenues by grossly over assessing our homes and property. They have done it Statewide yet the legislators don’t seem to understand this.

Our "current" legislators are either incredulous, ignorant, stupid, complicent, or "Frankly my dear Scarlet, I (they) just don't give a damn." I suggest if they do not step up to the plate and quickly, we simply replace them with those who will.

Minor Machman

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