Friday, November 23, 2007


Greetings Wingmen and ladies,

The one bill being offered by Senator Niederhauser adds a vote requirement if any taxing entity wants to raise revenue beyond inflation. And it requires a Truth in Taxation hearing for any revenue increase more than the previous year.

And we are pretty sure that it has to be during a November general election. This would insure no political manipulative scheduling "hanky-panky by any taxing agency where only a few of their union for example can railroad huge tax increases onto our property taxes.

Also I can now report we have one legislator working on the acquisition value concept. He does not have a bill drafted yet, but has a bill file open.

He advises it is best to get more people on board. He is working with the Sutherland Institute and the Realtors seem favorable to the concept right now.

He is still working with them and will also will be working with the League of Cities and Towns.

He advises us to; "Keep your efforts up, we will need to get a lot of support for this especially since it will require the Constitution to be amended. We will need 2/3 of the legislature. We may get some push back from Centrally Assessed interests since we will put everyone on AV and leave them on FMV."

We need to hold our local senator and representative's feet to the fire and ask why they are not supporting our "acquisition value assessment proposal". If they do not actively and fully support us for significant tax reform we will remember it next year at the polls.


Minor Machman

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