Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Public Officials, Civil servants, Teachers' salaries... Transparency know the facts before you vote.

Hello Again Friends and Neighbors!

The Salt Lake Tribune has put up a website that has the salaries of all public officials, civil servants and school teachers in Utah. It is a work in progress so the salaries for some cities may not yet be available. Take a minute to look at it and see how your salary compares with those paid to elected officials and civil servants. http://www.utahsright.com/h_salaries.php

A few salaries are included below for your information. Go to the website for a list of all employees and salaries. But for now don't expect to see any Weber County officials' salaries. They are hiding out and apparently don't want us taxpayers to know. Sound familiar?

Note: The salary data is only for base salaries and does not include other benefits such as a company car, travel budgets, expense accounts, etc. Most public employees have excellent retirement and health care plans.

Weber Schools: Click to read more



Valley said...

Seems like some expensive administrators - and lots of fancy titles too!

John Q. Public said...

Back in the day the railroad unions used to commonly insist on conductors on every freight train, coal tenders on diesel engine trains, and other totally unnecessary employees. It was called "feather-bedding" and seems to be making a comeback within the UEA and perhaps within the NEA. They have one billion dollars in their land trust fund yet are constantly bilking us out of more and more income and property tax money. We need another "Ronald Reagan" to bust this Union like the FAA Controllers. The Teacher's Union already gets 100% of our Income Tax and/PLUS between 55%-75% of our Property Tax dollars every year. We need legislators with the guts to pass a max. of five (5) dependents claimable on State Income (Education) Tax. forms. It would solve the education "crisis", lower class sizes, put a halt to subsidies and incentives for large families, and stop the UEA from "sucking eggs". Teachers, PTAs, Aministrators, UEA lobbyists we are sick of you. We are all tapped out. John Q. Public