Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wash. Co. Joins Property Tax Debate

Greetings friends and neighbors,

I have intentionally given it a rest. The State has taken an IQ Test relative to Vouchers, local elections, and the still undecided Weber County 1/4 cent "transit" tax increase with only 52 of 55 precincts reporting. I draw considerable community pride from the Huntsville Town electorate who spoke clearly yesterday. Nuff said on that sweep.

So it is back to Property Tax Reform. Our growing steadily by the day group just might be joined by a fledgling group in Washington Co. who are where we were about two months ago. Upset and confounded by unfair and inaccurate property assessments and taxation, they have formed a Washington County Fair-Tax Committee.

Independently they have come to the same position on assessments and taxation we have, as well as the Citizensfortaxfairness group. Jim Bray and Lee Dickson are organizing. And as you can see, doing it well. The Guest Editorial by Jim will appear in the Spectrum probably on Saturday this week. It will include a petition to their Senators and Representatives and a sign up drive.

My point is - our citizen army continues to grow and our voices will be heard. If the legislators do not listen, our bodies will be required to move on the Capital in the finest traditions of American peaceful political protest. So keep that in the back of your minds as we continue to try to negotiate, convince, and use the quiet tools of diplomacy behind the scenes with legislators.

Frankly, so far I am unimpressed with the results. But then my wife tells me I am famously impatient. Let us keep focus on and faith in our common cause and stay the course for comprehensive property tax reform.

Minor Machman

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