Monday, November 26, 2007

Property Tax Workshop Huntsville, & Town Meetings in Bountiful

Greeting "Wingmen and ladies",

Just a reminder of several local meetings where you can perhaps make a difference in what our future property tax legislation will be. I will be there to make a case for acquisition value taxation, among other ideas, and hope you can participate with good solid solutions. I have also invited our previously unseen and unheard from Senator Allen Christensen. Right now the proposals are "all over the map" and few if any offer permanent and significant relief. I plan to give a review of them and offer our coalition's opinion about each proposal we know of so far. Our legislators definitely need our help to sort the wheat from the chaff. They want our help so let's not let them down.


Minor Machman

Gage Froerer our Utah State Legislator, and Valley resident John Primbs will conduct a workshop to consider all reasonable property tax reduction ideas and suggestions. This workshop will be at the

Huntsville Library on

December 5th at 7PM.

We recommend that anyone who has constructive input for property tax reform take part in this workshop.This workshop is not intended as a complaint venue, but a constructive session to develop a fair and reasonable method to mitigate the growth of our property taxes.This workshop is a clear indication that our elected representative wishes to receive input from his constituents on theirideas and suggestions. "Speak up for what you want, or take what you get".

Larry and Sharon Zini

Click here for more information about important upcoming meetings and to learn about lobbying the legislature:

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